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Aeroseed is a Nigerian reforestation company that uses UAV technology, automation and ecological science to regenerate ecosystems on a global scale.

Aeroseed Africa

Our Story

Aeroseed Planting Trees

Planting Natural Species

We plant species natural to our locations with high sequestration rates. With high sequestration rate.

Aeroseed Planting Trees

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technology maps out the best planting locations and average a planting density of 1,000 to 2,000 trees per hectare.

Aeroseed Planting Trees

Planting Natural Species

At full capacity, we aim to plant 100,000 seed pods per day under the supervision of two UAV operators

Aeroseed Ecosystem

Full Ecosystem Recovery

Ecosystem recovery is core to our model of biodiversity regeneration. We aim to maximize the number of species planted at every site.

Aeroseed Ecosystem

How we help

In ensuring effective reforestation we employ collaborative efforts with other key players in the the industry, here is how we help:

How we help our industry partners

We work with industry and corporate partners to plant trees on the organization’s behalf, helping them fulfill reclmation or carbon offset pledges.

How we help our government partners

Government agencies from around the world have reforestation targets that are increasingly expensive to meet while facing labour shortages. our technology costs less while being both faster and safer.

How we help our NGO partners

We work with NGOparners from around the world to support ecosystems regeneration and long-term preservation.

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